Let’s start at the very beginning…

Hello again! Some of you may remember when I started this blog last August, that the main premise was to document when I did anything that was ‘new.’ Queue a revert back to form and the lowdown on my latest newness!

I have always wanted to try kickboxing. I always thought that my levels of internalised rage could have gone to a better home and been unleashed in a much more enjoyable manner. Just ask Stevie, I didn’t earn the nickname of Brunter for nothing….

Needless to say it has taken me to reach the age of 36 before I actually decided to investigate this further. I took to the Googles and researched local classes in the Belfast area and found one that called my name. The Beginner Ladies classes take place in Victory Martial Arts (formerly Fighting Fit NI) and I signed myself up for 4 weeks of training for the great value price of £39.


My first class was on Saturday morning. I got up and got ready and then spent an hour talking myself into and out of going. Ohhh the excuses I can make are AMAZING. Luckily having realised that about myself (see last post) I got into the car and made my way to class. I was greeted by trainer, Les McMaster. This was the start of the 4 week programme, I had already missed the first night because of work but when I emailed prior to signing up I was 100% reassured that starting on the Saturday wouldn’t be an issue. I had all of the usual worries about going, what if I was the only new person? What if everyone else was super fit? What if I collapsed due to sheer exhaustion?


When I went in there were another 2 girls also going to their first class! Huzzah! I was not alone! We all looked suitably terrified but this was soon alleviated when we all got chatting and Les showed us around.

The class itself was AMAZING. The warm up was enough to make me want to lie down in a heap but there is definitely something to be said about having someone actually instructing. I am one of the worst people when I go to the gym, I get easily distracted when I have no guidance so this was perfect for me.


We then launched into a series of kicks, alone at first and then we partnered up. I almost squealed with happiness when the pads were produced and we got to practice with partners. Again, never be scared to go to classes like this alone, there is ALWAYS someone else who will be in the same boat and what better way to make friends than by kicking them (sometimes a bit harshly). The amount of “oh sorry’s” and “oops did that hurt” that were said that day probably went into double figures.

When it was time to cool down I can honestly say that I haven’t felt as good in a long time. When I fall off the wagon the first thing to go is my eating, closely followed by my exercise so when I started regaining control of the food beast, it felt like it was only natural to get back not the exercise.

My second class is tonight. I still can’t lift my legs above ankle height from Saturday so COME AT ME, SMALL PEOPLE!!

Have you started any new exercise routines recently? Have you ever wanted to give a specific sport a go but always decide not to at the last minute? I know I’m not alone here guys. If you have an interest in Kickboxing / Self-Defence then give the guys at Victory a call and see what they have to suit! There are classes for all ages and abilities so get down and check it out for yourself!

Until next time…..

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