I have an addiction…

Well okay, truth be told I have more than one addiction. I am addicted to Curly Wurly’s and my phone BUT the one that I have decided to write about is my latest love. YouTube makeup tutorials. I have spent DAYS of my life watching endless videos on halo eyes, cut creases, Ulta hauls, Sephora hauls. You name it, I have watched it. I have lost entire DAYS in one sitting. I have always been interested in makeup but I always stuck to the basics, foundation, powder, mascara – BOOM. Maybe a sweep of shadow on a night out. NOT ANYMORE. Since I stopped smoking I have spent all of my saved money on makeup. I am now doing full face on a daily basis and I feel so much better for it. I’m still treading a fine line when it comes to my eye choices as I seem to only be able to go full drag or nude with zero in between….. I highly recommend YouTube for anyone who wants to get a bit more confidence up when it comes to doing makeup. Soooo, in honour of this I have decided to share my faves with you. (Disclaimer: I am not a YouTuber fact boffin so I have no idea if these people are loved / hated / whatevs. I don’t care either, I just like their videos. So sue me…)

  1. Nikkie Tutorials

GAH she is my absolute fave. She is as pale as the day is long, as tall as a tree and has makeup skillz that are second to none. Nikkie is based in Holland and has been a YouTuber since 2009. Her videos range from pop video inspired tutorials to product reviews – check out The Power of Make Up as a good starting point. It was through watching Nikkie’s videos that I happened upon the next 3 dreamboats.

2. Jeffree Star

I first happened upon Jeffree Star in a makeup guru way when he popped up in a ‘Get Ready With…’ video on Nikkie’s channel. This was not the first time I had heard of him though. Back in my drag obsessed days he was quite the name and had released some music that I actually really liked. After leaving the music behind, Jeffree started his own makeup line which has taken the world by storm. His Beauty Killer and Androgyny palettes are on my list to snatch – plus my obsession with his Velour Liquid Lip collection is beyond a joke. Jeffree’s channel consists of tutorials, reviews, collabs and reveals and it’s also interspersed with vlogs of international adventures. Subscribe and sail away!

3. MannyMUA

Manny is the most adorable of all of the adorable humans. He is BFF’s with Jeffree Star and he has mad makeup skillz. His channel description is the best…

"This beauty channel is where I teach tutorials, create favorites    videos, tags, shenanigans that go on in my life, etc.I hope you guys can join me in this crazy adventure that is Youtube and the beauty   world. I am constantly learning and growing with you guys I believe  that men can wear makeup, teach makeup, and vlog about it just as    much as girls can and I am fighting for that equality with my channelSo subscribe to my channel if you're into that too!"

4. Laura Lee

Oh how I love thee. Laura Lee is definitely not my skin tone of paper so the products she uses would not be of any benefit to me whatsoever BUT I just love her entire being. Over the past week or so we were treated to her, Jeffree and Manny on a trip TOGETHER to St Tropez with Jouer Cosmetics. I DIED.  I’ve included my fave Laura Lee video below…..

I read so many comments that are beyond bitchy about what these vloggers spend their money on, how they make their money etc. Here’s the thing, why does anyone care?? So what if Jeffree Star wants to spend his money on a Chanel tennis racquet? SO. WHAT??

Anyhoo, I am also really into the Kat Von D artistry collective videos and have bagged myself so much of Kat Von D’s cosmetics line that I need another face to work with it all. I just ordered the Alchemist Palette and am counting down the days until it arrives!

So, there you have it! My faves! Please tell me if I am missing out on any other vloggers that I need to have in my life!!! Leave me a message in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter at @lindslikedthat xox

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