Where have you been?

Hello again my buddies! I must apologise for my lack of communication. Sometimes real life gets super hectic but I MUST get better at not neglecting my blog. I’d like to start off first of all by thanking everyone involved in the DANI Awards 2017. To be shortlisted with Siobhan, Gemma and Emer was an absolute dream and a huge congratulations to Siobhan for a well deserved win!


In that vein I have decided to get back on the blog horse and ride it weekly. I am making a commitment to myself and to you to update at least once a week. Ooof speaking of commitments, I kinda reneged on the old Body Coach plan. I gave it a good go, but my issue is that I truly cannot see myself sticking to that plan forever – I need just a little bit more flexibility. The good thing is that in starting the plan I was made super aware of how horrendous my eating has been and just how huge a change I would need to make to actually become a ‘healthy eater.’ I didn’t want to give up altogether so, I went back to Slimming World. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to become all about “my journey” because that would bore me to write so I can only begin to imagine how it would feel to read. But in saying that if anyone wants to hear more about how I am trucking along, you can always contact me or hit me up on the old Twittery Twat @lindslikedthat!

I’ve been working on quite a few different projects, all of which are equally as exciting and each one is completely different. My real life job is settling well and I am enjoying working with lots of new faces. I know I have said it before but, for real, it is AMAZING how different things can be if you only give yourself some time. So many good things have happened and I am surrounded on a daily basis by the most amazing and inspiring humans I have ever known. Plus, did I mention that my blog was SHORTLISTED FOR A DANI AWARD?? I mean, I would have NEVER imagined that to be possible. Plus I would never have started the blog had it not been for my insanely talented friend Lynne (she’s kind of a big deal)


I know how horrible it is to be in the dark place with no sign of any form of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, but believe me, it comes. Sometimes you have to do the things that scare you the most to get out of it, but it’s all worth it. I promise. Let me know what amazing things have happened for you since I have been away? Leave me a comment or tweet me! I’m off work today so I’m about to lose myself in an internet black hole of witchery and make-up tutorials. OMG I HAVE BOUGHT SO MUCH MAKE UP. I’m gonna do a blog post on that alone….. L xx

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