January Blues? How about January BREWS?

Coffee is amazing, right? It’s the FIRST thing I go to in the morning to start my day off right. Well, I have been doing it all wrong up until now. I was invited along to the very first Wanted.Coffee ‘Cupping Evening’ as part of the Food NI Hour which takes place on Twitter every Monday night from 9-10pm. Oh my word. What have I been doing with my coffee life? Certainly not living it to the full as I learned last night.

My lovely chum Lynne (of award winning Eating Ideas fame) and I met in the wind tunnel formerly known as the city centre and battled the elements to Adelaide Street where we began our international coffee tasting adventure. And what an adventure it was.

The lovely Liesa introduced us to the idea behind Wanted and their ethos that “Dedicated coffee drinkers deserve better” which I immediately fell in love with. I know for a FACT that when I go for a coffee I want it to be a treat. Why shouldn’t I be able to enjoy that at home? Answer – I should and with Wanted.Coffee I can, and so can you!


Liesa introducing us to #wantedcoffee

We were then left in the capable hands of Paul Devenney (International Coffee Master) and what he doesn’t know about coffee isn’t worth knowing. Paul brewed us 3 of the Wanted blends (Sumatra, Ethiopia and Colombia) and gave us some handy hints and tips as he went along. His recommendation is 21mg of coffee to 300mls of water for the perfect flavour but obviously you can change the measurements to suit your preferred taste. I am a lover of strong coffee and the 21:300 ratio really did the trick for me.

As an instant coffee drinker (aka coffee heathen) I was absolutely amazed with each blend. My personal favourite was the Ethiopia blend which had notes of citrus which really made the coffee taste so good. Paul also recommended that the water you use should be around 85 degrees so if you are using a cafetière, heat it first using the hot water from the kettle but don’t pour the water on the grounds straight from the boil, allow about 2 minutes for the water to reach the optimum temperature and then use a container with a small funnel rather than the kettle to give you control of the water as you pour it onto the grounds – this allows all of the C02 to be released evenly to let the coffee ‘bloom’

I had the chance to grab a quick chat with Paul as he brewed and we talked about how a cup of good coffee can truly be an experience. Right from the grinding of the beans to the pouring of the water on the grounds allowing the blooming process to take place. I mean, if they can have full scale tea ceremonies why not have the same attention to detail when making a coffee? We deserve it!

Wanted is a coffee subscription club offering the best blends from around the world direct to your door on a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription plan basis. They also offer an online store where you can buy a bag without a subscription. Month to month they change up their blends to offer you even more choice and variation with rare beans sourced from around the world aka single origin, micro lot coffee then they ‘roast it and post it’ from their factory in Lisburn!  You can choose beans (if you like to grind your own coffee) or pre-ground coffee. Also, f you can’t make your mind up the the Master Roaster will do all the brain work for you and you’ll receive the coffee that they believe you would love the best! You’ll also receive a free Wanted ‘Brew Guide’ with your initial order with lots of hints and tips on how to make the perfect cuppa at home! There are also decaf options for the caffeine free coffee lovers!

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well to make it even better the lovely folk at Wanted have provided me with a special discount code for YOU my lovely readers!! Simply enter the code TENLINDSLIKEDTHAT at the checkout for 10% off a 3 or 6 month subscription!


This is nothing like you would buy in a chain coffee shop (which let’s face it, has been my entire coffee education) – I went out today and bought myself a cafetière – not even kidding, I am about to begin my quest to become a discerning coffee drinker. Join me?

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