2016 – A year in review…

You are being SPOILED – 2 posts in as many days. Well, you are so wonderful you truly deserve it. Here are some of my faves from 2016….

1. Things to listen to…

This year I was blessed with not one but 2 favourite albums. The first is by the amazing Hi-Fi Sean (lead singer of the popular 90’s group The Soup Dragons) – the album is called “FT” and it consists of a series of killer collaborations which will blow your socks off. My absolute favourite song off the album is ‘Testify’ which I first heard when the lovely Ms Ana Matronic played it on BBC Radio 2 on one of her stints covering for Jo Whiley (ps Ana is DJ’ing on Radio 2 on NYE from 11pm – 1am so if you haven’t heard her show before PLEASE tune in. It’s gonna be a belter) I have included the video link for ‘Testify’ right here so go and enrich your ears.

My other fave this year was from my fab friend Dolls – the album is called ‘Eat It Up’ and it is beyond amazing. Nikki is beyond fabulous in every way. She works her arse off day and daily to create the most beautifully smooth yet edgy synthy dark pop that NEEDS to be heard. The album was released in June of this year and is available to buy on iTunes. I have several faves on the album tbqh, Breakfast Club, Friend or Faux, Doing It Correct, Swim and the super infectious In Control – you must download this album – make it your New Year’s resolution.

2.  Places to Go

My love affair with Flame and Bootleggers has continued to grow this year but there is most definitely a new kid on the block. Kua Ana in Victoria Square is food HEAVEN. I went there last week with The Mighty Spalison as part of our inaugural Christmas Crawl and I could not have hoped for better. The food was amazing, the staff were INCREDIBLE (thanks to Ash and Ross) I had been once before at their Christmas event which I previously blogged about but this time my bloggers hat was well and truly off (I think I left it at the mulled wine stall in the Christmas Market.)

I got the chilli cheese fries, the chilli cheese burger and multiple mince pie milkshakes (with malibu) and sides of sweet potato fries pictured above. Such a major combo. Kua Aina are celebrating their first year in Belfast and are going from strength to strength. Their ethos is focused on flavour and making use of our local produce ensuring that every meal is super fresh. Carnbrook Meats in Dromore produce the 100% pure beef for the burgers, French Village bakery supply the signature baps for the burgers and Morelli’s provide the ice cream for the AMAZING milkshakes. What could be better? Hawaii via Norn Iron!!


3. Shows to Watch

I could wax lyrical about the importance of watching Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock. But that goes without saying. I’m going to stick to things I watched this year. I have become a Netflix obsessive. So out of the possible hundreds of things I have watched I am going to tell you about 2.

The first of which is Lady Dynamite. Maria Bamford is a genius and the entire show is delightfully unhinged. Make it your business to give this a go. It is described on Netflix as ‘quirky’ and ‘absurd’ which are fabulous adjectives and the cast is top notch including Ana Gasteyer, Jenny Slate and June Diane Raphael as the 3 Karen Grishams.

My second recommendation is One Mississippi which is available to watch on Amazon Video. This show alone is worth the Prime membership. I wrote about my love for Tig Notaro previously – One Mississippi is a semi-autobiographical comedy which focuses on Tig and part of the intrigue is trying to figure out which bits are real and which bits are made up. You gotta give this a go as well.

Both of these shows have also been commissioned for second seasons so roll on 2017.

4. Things to read…

Okay so you MUST read Amy Poehler‘s autobiography and of course Tina Fey‘s because these women are comedy icons IMHO.

Shaking things up with a late entry is Robert Greene’s ‘The 48 Laws of Power‘ – OMG – this book is blowing my mind. So much so that I needed to get the audiobook to listen to while I walk. I cannot get enough. For anyone with an interest in conquest, self-defence, wealth, power or simply being more aware of power and it’s, well…. power,  I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

So there you have it, some of my faves from 2016. Nothing too heavy for this New Years Eve Eve. Let me know what you think! Obvs tell me if I am missing out on anything spectacular also – I’ve watched all 7 seasons of Parks and Rec 4 times this year alone so I am bound to have missed out on something…..


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