Adulting, eh?

Adulting has the capacity to be pretty rank at the best of times. Generally the term is associated with things that aren’t so fun such as bills, work, taxes, hangovers, cleaning, MOT’s and other such shudder inducing tasks. This week I took a new approach to adulting and I adulted HARD and y’know what? It wasn’t half bad….

So, for those of you who know me (and now for those of you who don’t) you will be aware that I have been fighting a losing battle with the one thing that is supposed to give me peace, tranquility and a cosy place to turn to. Yes, my bed hates me. Here’s the short version. My bed is one of those beautiful wooden ones with a glorious headboard and a FULL MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS (not a dopey topper). Well, we started butting heads about 3 months ago when I leapt upon said bed with wild abandon (to eat pizza) using my left knee as a landing pad only to snap one of the slats around the head area. One slat. NBD (or so I thought)


I adjusted my sleeping position so that I was avoiding the dip. All was well in bed-land. Okay so I woke up with a sore back – that’s what growing up does to us ALL. I did try to fix it. But oh my giddy aunt have you ever tried to lift and entire king size memory foam mattress alone? Here’s a tip. DON’T. Then a few weeks later another slat went which meant I was actually lying in a dip and was seriously too terrified to move. This was handy as it was during my insomnia phase. Another part of growing up. Adulting, eh?

Finally, 3 nights ago I was almost decapitated by my own bed (imagine head trapped between mattress and headboard) so I decided enough was enough. I went to the bed shop and I stated my case to Jonny the Bed-Man aka my hero. Within minutes I was good to go. new bed on order and not a care in the world. That night I went home and single-handedly with the power of a million humans slid my mattress 3 inches off the side of the bed and temporarily fixed the slats. Ergo, for the minute sleeping is precarious yet not life threatening.

Buying a bed is a horrifically adult thing to do. Guess what is even more adult.


Yes indeed. I, Lindsey, am now the proud owner of ART. For my HOME.

If you follow me on Twitter (which you really should) you will know that I am a Terry Bradley superfan. His pop up gallery on Chichester Street is probably my third most visited place in Belfast only surpassed by Lush and more recently Patisserie Valerie (shout out to my cake lovers) If you haven’t been then PLEASE go. It’s open until Christmas Eve and is seriously a little haven of tranquility in the middle of the craziness of Christmas shopping. I chose this beautiful print called “Cocktail Hour” which is highly relevant and in my opinion super gorgeous.


Cocktail Hour by Terry Bradley

I cannot wait to collect that bad boy. If you look in the bottom right hand corner of the picture you can see my little sweaty hands taking the photo. Well, now said article will be in those sweaty hands and I will be AN ART COLLECTOR. How’s about THAT for adulting…..

I also took some calls regarding a PPI claim and looked into getting my house revalued but that’s for another blog. Bet you can’t wait for that one to drop.

For real though, adulting requires a lot of flexibility (not just when your bed breaks) and all in all it can be a pretty rewarding undertaking (so long as you get a bed and some art out of it) so even though some of the stuff STINKS – stick with it, because the pay off can be amazing.

Let me know what you have been up to this week? Apart from Christmas shopping because that is one part of adulting that is REALLY HARD WORK. Ps if anyone is good at wrapping can you come over and wrap all of mine? I will pay you in Elf and Ryvita…

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