So many firsts, so little time…

So, remember I was trying new things? Well! This weekend I had not one, not two, but THREE new experiences all in one day. I know right? I am really exceeding my own expectations here too. It’s a wonder I write this stuff for free.

The first new thing I did was to attend a writing class. Yup. I bet you are all so glad that I will now be able to string an understandable sentence together. Ps it took me literally 4 attempts to write that sentence so maybe more than one class is needed. Anyhoo, my friend Stevie (who also has a blog over —> here) has been telling me for a while now about a free writing class he goes to in the Falls Road Library and it so happened that I was able to go along on Saturday. Not only did it mean that I got to catch up with him but I also got to learn some pretty cool stuff from a real life published author.


I stole this image from – hope you don’t mind!

The guy that takes the class is called Laurence Donaghy. He is the author of the urban fantasy trilogy, Folk’d which is set in contemporary Belfast. You should check them out. This week the topic was all about building characters for your story. I’d never really considered writing any fiction but the class definitely got me thinking about never saying never to trying my hand at it. At the end of the class, Laurence gave us the chance to read something aloud for feedback. My friend Stevie absolutely blew me away with his piece which was entitled, The Foot In The Hall. Hopefully he will post it online somewhere so you can all get the chance to see what I am talking about. If you follow Laurence on Twitter (@LarboIreland) or indeed my pal Stevie (@johnnyutah66) you’ll see when the next class will be and if you fancy it, you should definitely go along.

We then wandered into town and for the first time ever for me, despite walking past The Spires daily – we called into Comic Book Guys NI. The shop is amazing, they stock movie memorabilia, toys and the largest selection of comic books I think I have ever seen – vintage to modern you name it, they have it. Oh and if they don’t have it? They will order it in for you. Pop in when you are passing next. Twas there that we met up with the lovely Hayley (tiniest human ever) who showed me DISNEY COMICS therefore she quickly shot up my “list of fave people.”

comicbookguysfinallogo or on Twitter @comicbookguysni

The last of my three firsts is one which I am semi-ashamed of. Not because I did it, but because it took me so long. Ladies and gentlemen, I had never before Boojum‘d. I know, how did I live without the burrito goodness? Your guess is as good as mine. Once I was taught the ropes (bowl or bread, beans or no, beef or chicken, guacamole is extra) I built myself the most impressive burrito bowl I had ever seen. Okay so having never been before I had VERY little to compare it to but anyway. It was majestic.

So there you have it, that was my Saturday of firsts in a nutshell. Needless to say it was great to accomplish all of these feats in the company of one of my oldest (not as in old old, but you know what I mean) friends. Here’s to many more Boojums and getting poked in the eye with an umbrella upon entry to the Christmas Market.

What did you do this weekend? Anything exciting? Anything new? Let me know! You know how I like to know EVERYTHING…


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