A week in the life of Linds…



Along the Lagan Towpath…

You could be 100% forgiven for thinking I wasn’t going to post this week but HERE I AM. This week has been super busy and full of good times with chums so I believe that in itself is worthy of a blog post.

The Lovely Lynne (Eating Ideas) and I met for a catch up and a walk along the Lagan Towpath. I actually didn’t even know it existed apart from when I heard about it on the news for high profile happenings of a ‘romantic nature.’  Generally I am a lone walker, but there is so much to be said for walking with a friend. We walked right up to the Lock Keepers Inn and spent some time being shown around the Cottage and the barge by the lovely volunteers there. It was pretty impressive that there were 12 people living in that tiny cottage. I felt that I had to continually duck even when looking around the 2 rooms that are open to the public. Lynne became my PA for that time and we got some fun pictures


Of course I was absolutely DELIGHTED when I heard Lynne ask the lady on the barge if I could put on the costume for some photos. It was then that I was able to share with Lynne the fact that I have an extensively large skull. Thankfully I did not live in the time of tiny hats or else everyday would have been spent at a jaunty angle. We then dropped into the Inn for some lunch before we braved the walk back to the car.

The next day was the annual “Take Mum to The Market Day” – have you all been to the Continental Market at City Hall? If not, for why? This year’s is amazing. I had been already with my amaze cousin and MiniFramps on Saturday so I had a sort of plan of attack, which of course went straight out the window. I bumped into the Health Minister, Michelle O’Neill while vying for some testers of cheese. She remembered me which was lovely. On reflection, when she last saw me I was once again hovering near a selection of cheese so maybe it was the situation rather than me that she actually remembered. Mum missed my big moment as she had been distracted by some incense houses. It was lovely to spend some time with Mum outside of the house and the Abbeycentre. I can also say with 100% certainty that I will be back at least another 7 times before it shuts on 22nd December.


I went to The House of Vic-Ryn on Thursday to meet Spalison for coffee. She had the wee little ones with her which was lovely for me as I got to spend a lot of time putting Snapchat filters on Teddy. It takes very little to amuse me. This week, Spalison was going to a charity fundraising event for Children’s Cancer and the lovely manager at Flame on Howard Street had kindly donated a £30 voucher for their auction. This was passed over mid snapchatting and crazy chasing. It was almost eaten but we avoided that narrowly.

On Friday, I went to The White House on the Lisburn Rd to get my teeth whitened. That was quite the first. It was exceptionally quick and easy and I was happy with the results. I would totally recommend it. I wish I had before and after shots. The good thing is that the results were noticeable enough for me to be happy but not OH MY GIDDY AUNT enough for people to become scared/blind. I am going to go back again for another blast at it as I actually enjoyed having an hour to watch TV and nothing else.

During the time I was watching TV (because there was nothing on tbh) I started to think about this flaming trash heap of a year. In fact, although some really terrible things have happened and although I have had to close doors for my own good, I have landed on my feet in many ways.  My outlook has shifted somewhat. My skills of re-evaluation are en pointe. Instead of looking for the negatives (because believe me, they don’t need to be searched for) I look upon the positives, or at least I try to. When you list the negatives all out and you are still waking up each day and doing something, whatever it is, then you are winning. Sometimes I still hate the world, I think it’s normal for that to happen every now and then. But when I really look at it, I don’t think I would be as grateful for everything had the hard times not happened.

Let me know what you have been up to this week? I am nosey and also genuinely interested in your activities. buh byyyyeeeeeee xx

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