Linds REALLY liked this…

So, if you have read my autobi-BLOG-raphy to the right, you will know that the main intention of this blog is to talk about things that I like. Well, today I did something that I discovered I really, REALLY liked.

As a 35 year old woman with massive hair it may astound you (or not, if you have seen me up close) to know that I have NEVER in my entire adult life, been to a proper hairdressers…. THE. SHAME. I think I always had it in my head that a proper salon would be pretentious or that I wouldn’t ‘fit in’ or something equally as unproven. I suffered from chronic ‘salon fear’

I decided to bite the bullet today and thanks to my lovely friend Lynne (check her food blog out – Eating Ideas) who has smashing hair btw, I went on her recommendation to Bill Harris Hairdressing on Hill Street in the City Centre. I had walked past a couple of times before and had gazed in the window like Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol – but today I actually went inside.


I had to steal this pic from Bill’s website as on the way out I was too busy being a hair goddess to remember to take one


The feeling of fear however left me within seconds. I was greeted by the lovely Chloe who listened as I garbled at high speed about how I “have really big hair,” and “I need a colour,” and “I don’t know how to work proper hairdressers.” Luckily for me, Chloe was totally understanding and able to take me right away so I decided that before I did the ultimate chicken impression and flee the scene that I would go for it.

OMG YOU GUISE. Why did no one tell me how AMAZING it is to be properly pampered around the head area for 3 hours??? Chloe and I chatted about the colour that I wanted. Once the decision was made (which was SO much easier than I had convinced myself it was going to be, thank you Chloe) we were off. I took photos because I am self indulgent like that….

Ps my face doesn’t always look like that. Well okay, it does. I am a bit sad that I lost the photo of me under the heater but it’s probably for the best as I know my face was AMAZING. Anyhoo. Once I had the colour on I got all uber confident and decided to say hello to the man himself, the lovely Bill Harris. What an absolute gent. He was more than welcoming when I introduced myself via a disembodied voice from behind the transformer waving a giant cup of coffee. Not that I had expected anything else as Lynne had spoken so highly of him. We chatted before he went back to work on his client and I went back to imbibing my 2nd giant Americano of the morning.

So, this is the bit that I am most annoyed that everyone has kept a secret from me for so long. They MASSAGE YOUR HEAD WHEN THEY SHAMPOO?? I have never been as delighted. I now know why people go to the hairdressers so often. I was living the dream.

It was then that I realised in my garbled intro I had forgotten to ask if I could get a trim while I was there. Who goes to get their hair cut and coloured and forgets to ask for a cut? Well, me. I do.

Marianne to the rescue. I of course explained my lack of hairdressing knowledge and my inherent fear and she was more than happy to talk me through everything step by step. Not only that, the craic was mighty.

I left with a spring in my step and I honestly felt like a new woman. It’s fair to say that the years of random haircuts and home dye jobs had taken their toll on my barnet BUT I can say with complete certainty that my follicles were treated the best they ever have been today. I have inserted a photo so you can observe my well treated follicles….


My hair has never been all one colour… Ps arty much?

I know I’m not on my own with “salon fear” so I am telling you, if you relate to this, get yourself down to Bill Harris Hairdressing. Not only will you have the best hairdressing experience, you will also have major craic and be so well looked after as soon as you walk in until the moment you leave. Also, the salon is in an ideal City Centre location for anyone to pop in and book an appointment.

Thank you SO much to Chloe, Marianne and of course to Bill for making me feel completely at ease. I have already booked my next appointment to go back and I can’t wait.

What do you do to treat yourself? Let me know if there is anything else I have been missing out on, like HEAD MASSAGES……

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