This week I changed it up…


Greetings Earthlings. I have been somewhat silent this week which if you know me is extremely unusual and out of character. Let me correct that by offering you some words and the gorgeous picture above which I took this morning at 8.30am on my walk along Loughshore. If you haven’t been, I am telling you – you must go. It’s so beautiful and peaceful and photogenic. My Instagram has never looked better, I tell thee

So this week I changed my normal walk route and I am so happy that I did. Firstly I decided that I was just about crazy enough to take on Cavehill. Now bearing in mind the last time I went up Cavehill I had to stop at the first hill and slide my way back down, this was definitely a challenge for me. But oh my WORD – I loved it. I even loved it when I stopped for breath at the bottom of the last hill before McArts Fort and some amazingly fit man RAN past me as if he was powered by some form of engine. That man is my hero. Thankfully I was able to stop on many occasions and take “photos” which were actually just excuses to pull my lungs down from my throat. Anyhoo, if you haven’t done it already, I recommend Cavehill. Below are some of the shots I got while heaving in a horrendously unladylike fashion

Mountaineering completed, I took myself back in the general City Centre direction. It’s almost Christmas Market time so I am enjoying my unofficial supervisors post as I survey the progression of the set up as I pass City Hall everyday. I decided that the Lisburn Road has never received enough love from me. Why did no one tell me how much there is up there?? Is it some kind of secret? Well, if it is then I have discovered it like the intrepid traveller that I am. I had already heard of Camile, the highly recommended Thai restaurant from my buddy over at Eating Ideas but I had absolutely no idea how far up I was going to go so I just kept wandering. When I came across a costume shop called Rubber Johnnies I almost had apoplexy but regardless, I continued my quest.

I had been to Cafe Mauds with my friend, The Mighty Spalison before so when I saw it I decided to turn back. It was then that I discovered possibly my most favourite place. There is an amazing raw food restaurant called Raw Food Rebellion, I popped in because I felt that a smoothie would be called for given that I had eaten my body weight in pizza the previous evening (I blame Trump). I fell in love instantly. Everything about it is a dream. The decor is clean and airy and SO cute and the staff are an absolute pleasure. The fact that their smoothies are named after pop stars also made me exceptionally happy. So far I have imbibed a Jay-Z (99 problems but my health ain’t one) and a Kelis (my milkshake takes all the boys to the yard) – my plan is to go through their smoothie list and then start on the food. Even if you aren’t usually into raw / vegan / gluten free treats etc, you should definitely make Raw Food a priority to visit next time you are on the Lisburn Road.

Don’t worry Bootleggers, I have not forgotten you. I paid you a visit in the company of my abso faves and we had SUCH a day. There is only one man for me and his name is Al Capone. Well okay, more like 5 Al Capones.

Before I go I would like to share an observation. So, as I am sure you are aware it has been a tad rainy this week. Needless to say, I have managed to be caught in EVERY downpour that has happened because I am just LUCKY THAT WAY. Umbrellas are awful. Well, not the umbrellas but some of  the humans who are in control of them. You would be forgiven for thinking that umbrellas had a mind of their own. I understand that in windy conditions they can be a bit unruly. What I don’t understand is why it is MY responsibility to duck and dodge the spikes of your brolly’s when really YOU should be more in control? If this is your chosen method of protection from the rain then bully for you. I choose to put my hood up. At no time when I am wearing my hood do I feel the need to jab my fingers out into your path and eyes although I am now considering doing this as fair’s fair.

Well there you have it, have you been anywhere new or fun that I should know about or visit? Have you ever taken someone’s eye out with your umbrella? Drop me a line and let me know. LOVE YOU BYE BYE XX

8 thoughts on “This week I changed it up…

  1. Phil Boyce says:

    Lindsey, those are simply some stunning photos! I really need to get out more as there’s some lovely spots to walk through near me (I saw them when I used to run but could never really appreciate them through the pain and wanting-to-get-home). I’m also reliably told that I’ll be visiting Raw Food Rebellion soon so I’m looking forward to that!


    • lindslikedthat says:

      Cheers for the photo praise. Who told you about Raw Food? Just kidding. Of course I’m 100% aware of that. Plus I’m sure you’ll be visiting it soon. It’s amazing.


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