How do you distract yourself?


I have been having the WORST time sleeping at the minute and anyone who knows me will know how much I love my sleep. I got up this morning after zero shut eye and I think it is safe to say that my mood could have been described as “meh” with an undertone of “ugh” and that is me being extremely optimistic. Do you ever get those mornings where it seems like even inanimate objects are out to get you? Well, that was me. Everything I went to do this morning was an absolute obstacle that had me shaking my fist at the sky pre 9am.

I was staring angrily at the TV when I got a notification to say that someone had commented on my last blog post. I have to say, initially I was terrified. Had it been in line with the rest of my Monday AM I may never have so much as opened my laptop again. But it wasn’t. It was a beautiful post about how MY words had impacted someone whom I had never met. That’s pretty major, right? So thank you Fiona, you saved my Monday.

With that lovely little kick up the arse, I decided that I needed to be productive today. I would take my own advice and distract myself from the meh and the ugh.Here are a couple of things I like to do to keep me upright.

Go for a wander

I have been walking a lot over the past few weeks and as beautiful as it is down at Hazelbank and Loughshore (see photo above), it can get pretty boring going round and round the same route repeatedly. Today I walked from Yorkgate to The Crescent Arts Centre and back. Oh my giddy aunt, the opportunities for people watching are AMAZING. If you, like me, are REALLY NOSEY then I fully recommend that you just walk in and around your nearest City Centre – you won’t even notice the miles clocking up because there are so many things to distract you. At Botanic Station today I was witness to a woman whose sneeze sounded exactly like the cry of a goat. Howzaboutthat. Also, if it rains you can pop into one of the 7000 coffee shops nearby. You don’t have to walk a million miles if you don’t want to, but getting out is a good way to give your brain a break. Oh and take photos on your way, not of random people as I think that’s very illegal but of things that catch your eye.


I took this of City Hall today – SO PRETTY even on the dullest of days

Listen to music

You guys, today I found an 80’s playlist on Spotify and I think it is safe to say that it completely turned my day around. I. LOVE. 80s. MUSIC. I can’t help it. I want to live my life like I have an eternal walk on role in Mannequin. This playlist gave me all of those feels and more. It is called 80s XL and you need it. Like yesterday. I would like to see anyone try to be unhappy while listening to Gloria Estefan or Starship – it’s NOT POSSIBLE


One of my gorgeous friends Detox does an amazing drag act to this song. You should YouTube that now, you’re welcome


Talk to the people who make you laugh…

As I said in my previous post, I am lucky to be surrounded by the most amazing circle of friends and family. Amidst this gaggle of wondrousness are some of the most hilarious humans to ever walk the face of the earth. When I feel like I am about to trip over my own bottom lip, I am the first in line to get a dose of their LOLS. It is hard to be a grump when you have comedians on stand by who are more than willing to turn your frown upside down. I know that this is not for everyone and sometimes a good moan is necessary, believe me, I am all for a moan when the time is right but I have found (personally) that moaning gets me nowhere. It only serves to make me unhappy and to drag a poor unsuspecting comedian down with me – ergo I’m all about that humour medicine.

So there you have it, those are my tips for today. As always, I want to hear from YOU, remember I am REALLY NOSEY! What do you do to give yourself a one way ticket out of the doldrums?

4 thoughts on “How do you distract yourself?

    • lindslikedthat says:

      I try and fit in a walk daily if possible. It’s honestly so good for every aspect of my health. Plus think of all the coffee opportunities! X


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