What does being strong mean to you?


So, I was lying in bed last night and no matter what I tried I could not sleep. No way, no how. One of the things that I always end up doing is overthinking, so I decided that I would switch on the Presidential Debate as a distraction. Which lead to me (you guessed it) thinking. Now, I’m not about to launch into a massive discussion on the debate, but what I noticed was how composed Madame President was, sorry #badhombre, you’re not for me. She kept it together when I and millions of others were screaming at our TV’s, phones and iPads. I couldn’t believe her strength…

At the beginning of 2016 I was in the darkest of dark places. I was unwell, I was unhappy and I had never disliked myself more. It didn’t just come on all of a sudden (don’t worry, it’s not like BOOM YOU’RE AWFUL) it had been a build up of years of giving too much to people who took it when they wanted and discarded it when something more shiny came along, then told me it was my issue. I was faced with a decision. I could either continue to allow myself to accept this and label myself the issue, or walk away. Finally, I chose to walk away.

I. WAS. TERRIFIED. I didn’t know who I was anymore. When I got my head above water? Meh, it was still dark. Not gonna lie. But as the time went on I began to realise. What I did? It took strength. It was not an ‘easy way out,’ I knew I had done the right thing for me, but like, when was it going to stop giving me palpitations and cold sweats and a sore heart?

This is a process, dear reader, and one which I am still working on. I slip into pits of rage and despair about the Dark Ages (as I call them ever so affectionately -#followmytwitterforragelindsey,) but what is more apparent to me is how strong I was and how much stronger I am becoming. I found the positive. I now choose to do something that makes me feel good instead of repeating the actions that make me feel bad. There is only so much anyone else can do for us, sometimes we have to take action and change what we don’t like.

Something that has really made me sit up and take notice is the strength of the people around me. I have been blessed by a group of friends who exhibit so much strength it is inspirational. Some who have always been there, some I have reconnected with and those who have come into my life more recently. On reflection, my inner circle is amazing and I don’t tell them that often enough. I dare anyone to cross my friends.

Also, there is strength in my family who I know will stand by me through thick and thin, and who, I hope, know I would do the same for them.

I mean, of course I could spend every hour of every day feeling sorry for myself. That would be so easy. Don’t get it twisted, sometimes I still disappear into a blanket fort and watch Netflix until it asks me if I’m still there because I have just been staring at the screen. There is definitely a time when that is necessary for me. But, I don’t want that FOREVER for me – I don’t want it forever for ANYONE.

I also don’t want this to be a post where I just wax lyrical about my breakthroughs (even though it kind of is) I want you to tell me about your strength. Everyone reading this has it by the bucketload. Maybe you don’t know it yet, but you do. No two people’s experiences are the same. Tell me what you do to take care of yourself. To promote positivity in YOUR life, for YOU.

I think what I am trying to say is sometimes the hardest decisions can lead to the greatest outcomes. Sometimes we have to face our worst fears to live our best lives. And sometimes we have to let go of what is causing us pain (no matter how difficult) to make room for positivity.

I’m already planning my next post which will be in collaboration with the Itty Bitty Book Co who are in the midst of their #positivitytakeover – if you haven’t heard of them, go and visit their site. I hyperlinked it so it would be easy to find, you’re welcome.

I can’t wait to hear all about how you promote positivity in your day to day lives – sharing is caring you guys so leave me a comment! Until next time…..

6 thoughts on “What does being strong mean to you?

    • lindslikedthat says:

      Oh wow! Thank you so much! We all deserve a little day in the fort now and then, for definite! If pizza happens to be involved then we are really not alone 😂

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  1. Fiona chapman says:

    I don’t normally leave a comment but what a beautifully honest piece of text that will touch the soul of anyone who has been to the place where they have nothing left to give and so deserve to be given to. I made a brave decision with my son to start a little business that brings joy into the life’s of those we meet. What I get back from the people we meet makes my soul fill with joy again …even though I am exhausted! So being strong to me is about facing the fear of the unknown and trusting it will be ok.
    Love your writing, don’t stop doing it.

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    • lindslikedthat says:

      Fiona, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I really appreciate it. And thank YOU for sharing what it means to you. Making a decision to step away from the unknown into new territory can be so scary but it seems like you have definitely faced the fear and are making a difference to people! What business have you started? And thank you for the compliment! I am enjoying blogging and I actually enjoyed sharing a bit more of myself than I usually would so it’s really lovely to get such amazing feedback. Thank you and I wish you all the best xxx


      • Fiona chapman says:

        We bought a 50 yr old London bus and made it into a funky quirky pop up space. I have been involved in counselling and found the work very dark and it was draining me. So we do public and private events, sometimes it’s afternoon teas, or picnics, birthday parties or corporate work and we love hearing people’s stories, they all have one about a bus!!
        So it’s very different and creative and people forget themselves for a while while they are onboard. All the best to you too x

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      • lindslikedthat says:

        I looked you up! That’s so great! I’m a residential social worker and I also feel the drain a lot of the time. Emotional health is so important to everything. I commend your bravery in making the leap. I hope to be as brave as you one day! Thank you again so much for the encouragement! X


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