Mixing drinks may well be the way forward…

I was out with my long time mega friend and super supporter The Mighty Spalison and we went to Flame Restaurant on Howard Street (my fave restaurant of ALL TIME EVER) for their totally amazing lunch menu. As part of  Belfast Restaurant Week, Flame are offering 3 courses for £20 – sure how could you beat it? Sidebar – sorry if you thought this was going to be a restaurant review – I leave food blogging to the professionals. Speaking of food bloggers, go visit my lovely chum over at the award winning Eating Ideas – you’re welcome 😉

Now, I’m no genius, but the glory of a cocktail is that there are many varieties of alcohol all mixed into one beverage, amirite? So why am I not using my phone upside down when I partake of these on a day/night out? More importantly, how come I am bright and breezy the next day??

I never used to care about what I chose to drink on a night out BUT I was always told, “NEVER MIX YOUR DRINKS” and that was a rule I solemnly stuck to. This may seem ‘sensible’ but that adjective was rarely thrown around when I was in my Glory Days. By Glory Days I mean when I chose to drink Absinthe and Lemonade. This is not a lie, you can ask anyone.

I stuck to the same drink ALL night, yet I always ended up talking to a pot plant or missing a shoe. Okay, I guess this is not reliable evidence as sticking to rocket fuel all night may not be at the heart of the ‘never mix your drinks’ advice. I am pretty sure there was a reason they used to put a stamp on the back of your hand in the M Club to let the bar staff know you had already imbibed 2 shots of the Green Fairy.

Then came The Dark Ages. I decided that I wasn’t drinking at all. That was awful and the less time we spend on that the better. So once I realised that the life of a tee totaller was not for me I decided that vodka was ‘my drink.’ Vodka however hated me and now the feeling is mutual so then beer and I became buddies. Well. That was a mistake. In my time as a beer drinker I;

  • microwaved an ENTIRE birthday cake because I wanted one warm slice. When I woke up the next day it was out in the garden – cake wasting is a crime
  • ended up at a house party where the entertainment was a cream cracker eating competition. I was picking cream cracker out of my hair for weeks. I also won…
  • slid on decking round the back of my house into the full splits. Only caring that I had dirtied my white fingerless gloves (I.WAS.COOL) – not the fact that I may have dislocated both my legs

And those are the PG tales of bygone days that I publicly admit to. If you want gory details then we need to be sitting down after making a legally binding confidentiality pact. I do have SOME class.

I was terrified of cocktails. I mean they contained MILLIONS of alcohols so it could only end in tears, right?

WRONG – not ONE disaster has been experienced while I have been a classy bird.

I implore you – get yourselves down to Flame and try their cocktails, while you are at it go to Bootleggers on Church Lane and give them a go, you will not be disappointed. Mixing drinks is the way forward, especially if they look pretty.

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